The Ten Count: Top 10 Outrageous Wrestling Moves

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. Professional Wrestling is a thing of artistic beauty. Pure athletes devote their lives to bringing entertaining and memorable moments to passionate fans across the globe. It is sometimes taken for granted, the practice, skill and timing involved in pulling off a maneuver that can send a crowd into a frenzy. Read this list with added consideration of the genius that brought these feats of athleticism from both parties involved. And this is certainly the most appropriate top ten list to contain a pre-warning of ‘DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME’.

10:Muscular Bomb

A half-nelson, into a wheelbarrow driver, the move is hard to watch at times. It’s certainly outrageous but also can be dangerous. It takes great skill to pull off without causing injury, however, as with all of wrestling moves there have been instances of unfortunate results from such risky moves. Japanese star Cima suffered a severe neck injury in 2008, and it’s believed that Nakuri Doi’s Muscular Bomb may well have contributed heavily to the damage.

9:Back-to-Back Double Underhook Piledriver

Only a professional wrestling top ten would appropriately include ‘Homicide’s Cop Killa’. The former TNA star utilised the move as a signature move. However, it was first brought onto the wrestling scene by Megumi Kudo, and was banned from use in the WWE in 2003.

8:Joker Driver

CZW’s Joker started his career in Dangerously Intense Wrestling, which gives you a clue as to how this move is carried out. It fits in well with the ‘outrageous’ theme, and is one of the most truly gory variations of the Electric Chair.

7:Phoenix Splash

Seth Rollins, Neville and Kota Ibushi give crowds goosebumps with the level of aerial ability they have. In each of their arsenals, Hayabusa’s Phoenix Splash sits at the top of the list in terms of grandeur.

6:Spinning Impaler

Another hugely impressive move, which originally looks setup to be a Killswitch, the Spinning Impaler is a true showing of extremity in the ring. It is well deserving of its place in this Ten Count.

5:Barry White Driver

Oh, what a night for wrestling. Any time a wrestling commentator announces a move containing the word ‘Driver’, it’s often going to make you cringe. A huge innovator of piledriver adaptations, Super Dragon, has got so much to give to the wrestling world, and the Barry White Driver is qualified to satisfy you, the wrestling fan.

4:Hart Rate

Teddy Hart has wrestled across promotions around the world. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, the former WWE and TNA man has one of the most visually phenomenal signature moves in the business.

3:Double Moonsault

The Moonsault has always been a classic in pro wrestling. Recognised to be a creation of Mando Guerrero, wrestlers have backflipped onto their opponents for years. In the modern world of wrestling a huge rise in athletic innovation means that nowadays one rotation just isn’t good enough. The Double Moonsault is absolutely incredible and the greatest artists create the greatest art, so watch Ricochet create magic.

2:Burning Hammer

Most accredited to Kenta Kobashi, the Burning Hammer is a rare sight that sends hardcore wrestling fans wild. Kobashi, as the master of the move, is recorded as using it seven times, with a 100% pinfall success. However, in 2016, Kota Ibushi kicked out of a Burning Hammer from Brian Kendrick.

1:Canadian Destroyer

A shoe-in for every list of outrageous sights in wrestling, this extreme piledriver takes great ability from both wrestlers involved. Timing and positioning are absolutely key. Petey Williams is the most attributed wrestler with this move, giving it the name ‘Canadian Destroyer’.