The Ten Count: 10 Wrestler Movie Cameos

Many wrestlers have swapped the ring for the red carpet over they years with varying success. For a period in the 1980’s it seemed like a movie wouldn’t be made unless it had a wrestler cameo.

We wanted to look at those appearances that you might not have noticed at first. The cameos, minor roles and bit parts played by wrestlers.

10. Hulk Hogan – Rocky III

More or less playing himself but with the ludicrous name of Thunderlips, The Hulkster is Rocky’s opponent in a ‘Wrestler vs Boxer’ exhibition match. This movie helped launched Hulk Hogans movie career and he would go on to star in Suburban Commando and Mr Nanny.

9. George “The Animal” Steele – Ed Wood

Ed Wood is one of Tim Burton’s lesser known films. It’s a biopic about the cult Hollywood director who had a reputation of making terrible movies. To play the part of Tor Johnson (who was himself a Swedish wrestler) Burton cast the charismatic George “The Animal” Steele. Sadly George passed away in February 2017.

8. “Macho Man” Randy Savage – Spiderman

In the first installment of Sam Rami’s Spider-Man series, Randy Savage crops up early in the film. Having acquired his powers, Spider-man competes in an illegal fighting contest against none other than The Macho Man himself. Savage plays a character called ‘Bone Saw’ McGraw. This scene also has a cameo from Bruce Campbell as the ring announcer too.

7. Kevin Nash – Magic Mike XXL

Probably his most successful role to date, Nash plays an erotic dancer called Tarzan. Nothing left to say apart from watch this clip…

6. Jesse Ventura – Predator

Largely considered to be one of the greatest action films of all time, Predator is wall-to-wall action dripping with testosterone. Tasked with delivering one of the greatest movie lines of all time, Ventura’s role is brief but brilliant. He also starred alongside Schwarzenegger in the adaption of the Stephen King novel The Running Man.

5. Andre “The Giant” – The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride has been elevated to cult status partly due to the small role played by Andre The Giant. As cliché as it sounds, Andre comes across as a lovable and charming gentle giant in this 80’s classic. You never hear a bad word said about Andre and it’s clear to see that he was a uniquely wonderful man.

4. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jim Carrey plays the role of eccentric comedy genius, Andy Kaufman, who was a real life friend of Jerry Lawler. A famous spat took place between the two which culminated in an awkward TV interview with David Letterman. Jerry Lawler plays himself in the movie and does a fantastic job. 

3. The Big Show – The Waterboy

Before he was The Big Show, Paul White appeared as Captain Insane-o in the Adam Sandler comedy The Waterboy. Sandler is a big fan of wrestling and has been spotted in the crowd at several WWE pay-per-views.

2. Take your Pic – The Wrestler

Darren Aronofsky’s Oscar winning look at the tragic character of Randy “The Ram” Robinson is considered to be Mickey Rourke’s best performance. The support cast of this movie is largely made up of indie wrestlers including Cesaro, Blue Meanie, CZW owner DJ Hyde and Necro Butcher.

1. Terry Funk – Road House

Hardcore legend, ECW original and one of the nicest chaps in wrestling, Terry Funk has one more feather in his cap, actor! He actually had several roles in the 80’s, two of which where in Sylvester Stallone movies – Over the Top & Paradise Alley. His most famous role was in the Patrick Swayze bouncer movie Roadhouse.