The Ten Count: 10 Rising Stars of British Women’s Wrestling

Among the vast pool of Independent wrestling talent, a large number of exciting and innovative female stars have demonstrated just how competitive Women’s Wrestling is in 2017. This list highlights the most exciting prospects that the UK and Irish scene has to contribute to the industry.

10: April Davids

The 5ft 1 “Lancashire Terrier” has built a strong profile as one of the fiercest competitors in British Women’s Wrestling. Having battled many intergender matches, notably in PCW, April Davids is evidence of how seriously female talent should be taken.  Her substantiation essentially came through the opportunity of FutureShock Wrestling, where she became the 2nd ever Women’s Champion in the Company in January 2012.

9:Alex Windsor

The 23-year-old from Norfolk began her career training with the Knight family, performing for WAW and receiving the WAW Women’s Female Wrestler of the Year award as a teenager. Alex Windsor has gone on to perform across the UK in the country’s most popular promotions. She is certainly one to watch out for, with so much time available for her to develop.

8:Katey Harvey

Trained by Phil Boyd, hailing from Bray County, Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland, Katey Harvey has worked in her home country with OTT Wrestling, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling and has successfully held the PWU Women’s title for a combined reign of over 750 days. Having already debuted in PROGRESS, it is likely that we will be seeing plenty more of her in the rest of the year.

7:”The Session Moth” Martina

Another Irish girl, and regular star of OTT Wrestling, Martina has taken the indie scene by storm with her amusing and relatable gimmick. Celebrated generally by fans in the UK and Ireland, Martina has appeared recently as a key member of the ICW roster. We had the pleasure of interviewing the Dublin girl recently, to speak about her sudden rise to wrestling fame and her future on wrestling across the world. The interview can be found here.

6:Lana Austin

Since making waves in her first year in Ironfist Wrestling and Britannia Wrestling Promotions, she has toured the UK with her hard-hitting style, marking her presence between the ropes for ICW, Southside and WCPW. Her most notably impressive achievement would arguably be her 99-week reign as Women’s champion in FutureShock Wrestling.

5:Jinny Couture

Hailing from London, one of the newest talents on this list is the impressive Jinny. Despite only breaking onto the wrestling scene in early 2015, The “Fashionista” has developed and fascinated to such a degree, that she was given the opportunity to wrestle at WrestleMania Axxess 2017. She is extremely highly rated and her training by Jimmy Havoc from the Projo is clear by her attitude and ability to be a villain, as well as a loveable wrestler.

4:Dahlia Black

Along with her husband, TK Cooper, Dahlia Black enjoyed great success in PROGRESS Wrestling. The pair have been forced to leave the UK because of visa issues, but their exceptional talent will serve them well in proving themselves on a global stage. The pair will be back, and when they are it is truly likely that they will be even more prominent than they have proven to be in their spell in the UK.


At 220bs, she is a powerhouse in the Women’s division of any promotion. Hailing from Ayrshire, Scotland, her career could already be described as a triumph. Having proven her worth on ICW shows, she is one of a select group to be a part of ITV’s World of Sport reboot. As she charges her way through opponent after opponent, we will surely eventually see the Viper’s name on many more championships throughout the world.

2:Kay Lee Ray

A shoe-in for any list of up and comers in the UK, Kay Lee Ray is the perfect balance of despicable character and excellent in-ring performer. At only 24 years old, and having debuted in 2009, the Glasweigan girl boasts championship reigns up and down the island. You probably don’t need a top ten list to tell you this, but Kay Lee Ray’s path to being an international phenomenon is virtually inevitable.

1:Nixon Newell

It’s hard to pinpoint which single attribute of Nixon Newell is most impressive; she’s a star throughout the UK at the age of 22, she’s been a tag team champion in ATTACK! and Southside, and has performed in most respectable promotions in the UK. Hailing from Wales, she is a star of WCPW and is destined for the “big leagues”. Her in ring ability is second to none, and her character is appealing – if you haven’t seen her do what she does best, it would be wise to check her out. She’s got an enormous amount of potential, and she is another one who we will be seeing plenty more of soon.