The Ten Count: 10 Up and Coming British Talents

The UK has always been a huge part of the Professional Wrestling industry. From Pat Roach to William Regal, worldwide stars have come from dear old Blighty, and the modern fan’s adoration for British talents Pete Dunne, Noam Dar and Grado, to name a few, have launched a thirst for more stars. Fortunately, there are a plethora of able wrestlers currently working the independent promotions across the country. Here we delve into the cream of the crop.

10. Visage

Having begun training to become a pro wrestler in December of 2015, the Nottingham man has expressed his glamour on opponents and in doing so has entertained with more than enough star-power to attract some of the hottest promotions in the UK. The Nottingham hero, regularly featuring for Southside Wrestling is guaranteed to amass an incredibly sized fan base in the near future.

9. Sid Scala

A regular of IPW:UK nowadays, Sid Scala debuted against Andy Williams in the City of Reggio Emilia, in Italy, in 2013. However, he has been involved in the business since the age of only nine. The Peckham boy has clear in-ring presence, he is sharp and witty, and most importantly, the man is indeed savvy. One standout highlight of his career was the well-hyped match against former WWE star Vader.

8. Charlie Sterling

An inch over six feet, and weighing in at 224lbs, Charlie Sterling, Charlie Garrett or Zack Garrett, depending on which stage of his so far extremely successful career you are referencing, has featured on quite the variety of hot UK promotions. Loyally returning regularly to Pro Evolution Wrestling, he has also been involved this year with ICW, OTT and Revolution Pro Wrestling. Given more opportunities, which seems only inevitable, he will flourish to the highest level of British wrestling.

7. Robbie X

The most appropriate word to describe Robbie X is professional. He is a safe and knowledgable worker who has earned the right to share a ring with some of the best in the business, and he suitably fits in. The young man has improved hugely over his career and acknowledgement from larger promotions is evidence of the exciting path on which he is likely to follow.

6. Drew Parker

In such a competitive industry it is difficult to stand out from other wrestlers. Move-sets are often repetitive in indie wrestling, resulting in tiring shows. Seeing Drew Parker’s name on a card is a blessing for any wrestling fan who likes innovation in their entertainment – he has the potential to be one of the best around.

5. Adam “Flex” Maxted

With his bookings rising dramatically, he has impressed crowds across the UK in his journey to achieve his aspirations of reaching the WWE. His talent, coupled up with an already impressive following and marketable persona, he has the foundations in place to be more than just a hideaway talent. The most successful British wrestlers are able to flack themselves into the spotlight and with his look he is more than halfway there.

4. Gabriel Kidd

Trained by Stixx and Joseph Conners, the current WCPW Internet Champion is one of the most talented young British professional wrestlers in the business. At the age of only 20, he has an impressive arsenal of moves at his disposal – development of his character and brand image potentially could put him on the road for global domination. In a football sense, he’s like a Brazilian Wonderkid.

3. Kip Sabian

Five feet and eleven inches tall, he can fly impressively and turn dead crowds into how true British wrestling fans should be. Originally of Great Yarmouth, relatively local convenience of the Knight family training has clearly impacted Kip Sabian positively. He is yet another who is on the road to stardom – why else would he be on this list. However, his actions speak much louder than any words so check him out if you love wrestling.

2. Damian Dunne

The look, the moves, and the passion are all necessary and they are all present. Dunne has appeared in ATTACK! regularly amongst others of the UK’s top quality wrestling shows. He has chemistry with such a large number of stars – this is evident in his various tag team successes. “Number One” is number Two in this list, but that’s far from an insult.

1. Jack Sexsmith

A top star in PROGRESS, the super-indie of London, Jack Sexsmith is a recent spark on the scene but it is clear that he will thrive amongst rivals in the industry. He could be a huge figurehead for the LGBTQ+ community within wrestling, as an appealing and entertaining hero. His balance of serious wrestling talent and comedic ability is what puts him at the top of this list. Expect more from this guy – if you haven’t heard or seen much of him before, you certainly will soon.