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ATTACK! Pro Wrestling is all about bringing you the very best in British independent wrestling. Our roster showcases some of the most talented Junior Heavyweights this country has to offer, and the result is action-packed shows exhibiting a fast-paced, hard-hitting style that everyone can enjoy. We’re all about having fun and a good laugh too, and twinned with our unique exciting brand of wrestling, our shows truly are an experience not to be missed.
Founded in Birmingham in 2011, we benefit from having an abundance of youthful exuberance amongst our wrestlers that manifests itself in the most thrilling way possible between the ropes. What you see before you are some of the stars of the future, wrestling the style of the future. We love what we do, and we love it even more that the crowds at our shows love what we do. In short, we love that you love that we love it… that’s a lot of love, right there! Silliness aside (as much as we do like our silliness), you can tell we’re passionate about what we do, and the results of this are clear to see in the product we put before you.
Our promotion is young in age, our roster is young in age, and our shows are as fresh and new as you’d expect. As time goes on we’re expanding our horizons, both in terms of geography and in terms of our roster. So jump on over to our events page, and come and say hi soon! Or, if you’re a bit far afield for that, we’ll keep putting videos together, just for you.
Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, subscribe to our youtube channel, and become part of ATTACK! Pro Wrestling. Independent wrestling is nothing without YOU, the wrestling fans that support it, and you guys are what make doing all this worthwhile. So let us know when you’re enjoying it, it’ll make us smile!
It’s also worth mentioning we’re available for private parties and functions; drop us a line if you’d like to know more.

Jim and Paté,
The ATTACK! Pro Wrestling team




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