Mick Moretti – “We’ve got a country full of talent”

We spoke to exciting Aussie talent, Mick Moretti, who is currently plying his trade over in the US as part of a nationwide tour. Having had tryouts with both TNA and WWE, Mick is part of an overseas territory that is showing tremendous growth. Australia and New Zealand are producing some top talent and is clearly a target market for the WWE.

We spoke to Mick about the nuances of the Australian indie scene, his WWE tryouts and some rather strange text messages sent from fans. You can listen to the full interview below:

On the Australian Indie scene:

I think it’s great. It’s a hidden gem is the best way to put it. We’ve got a country full of talent that’s just incredible and as far as I’m concerned deserves to be on the world stage as much as any of the other countries. You’ve got the US, UK, Germany, Japan and Mexico which are recognised for great wrestling. Australia has that to match, we just don’t have the eyes and the attention. We’ve got one or two vey strong companies in most of our capital cities and I’ve had the pleasure of being able to travel round the country to work for a lot of them. I don’t know if ‘boom’ is the right word as a lot of places have really been working for quite a while now, I think it is on the a rise and I think it is appropriate to say it is garnering a little more attention. We are getting fans in seats, this weekend passed there were four shows on across the country and from what I understand a lot of them had 300-400 plus, which is really good to hear. Now it’s just a matter of getting these promotions to get their content online and available. That is one of the biggest fallbacks for some of them. If it isn’t online it will make it a lot harder for the rest of the world to see it. We have got a lot of people working really hard, busting their butts to put on these shows, and we need the rest of the world to see it now.

On WWE tryout:

It was awesome. I was rolling on a high the whole time I was there, and I was pumped full of adrenaline, it was a really surreal experience. It was while they were touring Australia with NXT, they were in Melbourne for this particular tryout. They brought us in to the stadium, it was a special invitation only for wrestlers from around the country and it started off with a bang. We got there and there were 20 wrestlers who couldn’t find the entrance to the stadium and it was pissing down with rain. So we were all walking around in our suits because you want to look nice for WWE. We are all getting so soaked because no one thought to bring an umbrella. We are drenched as we are trying to find the entrance and there is construction going on at certain spots and we can’t find our way in. We finally get in, we are all wet, and we look miserable but at the same time super excited.

The tryout itself was fantastic; William Regal and Albert ran it. We were in the NXT ring inside the stadium, which was empty and was amazing in itself. It was exciting to get feedback from William Regal while we were rolling about in the ring and doing our thing. I don’t think we got the full tryout experience that some people get. We didn’t do a lot; we did a bunch of rolls, we listened to a few points of note from Regal, then they paired us up to do some matches. From there we got to go watch the show that night, it was pretty incredible.

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