Maxwell Jacob Feinstein “I love the idea of someone after the show trying to find me, hurt me or slashing my tires”

CZW’s current Wired Champion, Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, is one of the brightest young talents working the US Indie scene. Still only 19 years old, few Indie wrestlers have the ability to work a crowd and anger an audience. He is about to embark on his second tour of the UK with LDN Wrestling. We caught up with the man everyone loves to hate to talk about the changes in CZW, his hatred of English food, and wanting to step in the ring with Will Ospreay.

How have you found your rise in wrestling over the last 12 months?

It’s crazy man. I’m not going to say I didn’t see it coming because I believe in myself and I train religiously. If I’m not in the gym then I’m in the ring and if I’m not in the ring then I’m in the gym. This is what I have wanted to do since I was a little kid and I’m not going to stop until I get where I want to be. Right now I want to help CZW become one of the biggest independents. I want to help wrestling as a whole and be a part if it in general. Wrestling to me is everything.

CZW is going through some changes, how has that been for you?

It’s so different. I mean this company is now about having great matches, great storylines and great storytelling. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but we used to be known just for death matches. Fans wouldn’t talk about the wrestling, they’d only talk about someone getting a pair of scissors in their head or being put through a bed of glass tubes. I feel that now, although we still have that flavor available, we are going to be more centered on the art of wrestling.

Sami Callihan is a goddamn mad scientist and he is one the greatest minds in professional wrestling. He is also just a great guy who is willing to help to help everyone out as much as he can. He really takes his time to explain nuances and I think you will find, with the new CZW, his storylines are going to make sense. We aren’t going to have storylines just stop for no reason; every little nuance will have meaning. It’s not going to be like other indie promotions where random sporadic things happen just for the pop. Everything will now have a meaning. As far as my character goes, it’s my job to not only entertain but to makes sure fans go home unable to sleep as they want me to rot in hell. I take it seriously and I think it’s something that has been missing in both pro wrestling and the indies too. Having a real deal heel or villain is what is missing. No one wants to be the bad guy but I relish it. I love the idea of someone after the show trying to find me and hurt me. I love the idea of somebody slashing my tires. I take great pride in it.

Are you excited about coming to wrestle in the UK?

I love wrestling in the UK, I feel that the English crowds aren’t as jaded as the American fans. The American fans are always waiting for you to slip up, whereas the UK crowds want to get involved and be loud. They want the matches to be good and I find them more in to it.

However, the food sucks. I went to an Applebee’s because the food was bad at the regular restaurants and I wanted to get the taste of America. I open the menu and there was no spinach dip, no nachos, nothing, (Laughing) nothing for me. I went absolutely mental. The only place I could tolerate was Nando’s but even that wasn’t great.

Which British talent would like to step in the ring with?

I would love to wrestle [Will] Ospreay. I’m a fan of his intensity and the way he conducts himself inside and outside of the ring; he seems like a good person. Definitely Ospreay. There is a lot of talk about flips and dives. My personal take on it is that wrestling is like flavors of ice cream; if you like chocolate it doesn’t mean that everyone else has to. Personally I like all flavors of wrestling. As wrestlers we express ourselves through our art, bodies and pain.

Who influenced your style?

I always wanted to be an old school wrestler with a new school approach. I wanted people to watch my match and think – this guy reminds me of Roddy Piper or Ric Flair but he moves around like Rey Mysterio. I wanted people to hate me for being a piece of shit and for being damn good too. No one likes a bully, but everyone hates a bully who can back it up.

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Maxwell is a product of the Create A Pro wrestling academy in long island. Run by Curt Hawkins and Pat Buck.