Fight Club: PRO

Whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not, we are the few who changed the complexion… More Info

Entertainment Wrestling Association (EWA)

Entertainment Wrestling Association (EWA) is a wrestling promotion started in 2008. Our aim is to produce family friendly wrestling shows,… More Info

Empress Pro

Female Pro Wrestling – Based in the South-East of England

Elite British Wrestling

EBW is a Sheffield based wrestling company, which has a training school entitled NCWA in Rotherham.We teach various aspects of… More Info

Dynamic Over-The-Top Action (DOA)

DOA Wrestling UK is the best up and coming British wrestling promotion in the world! Come and see the best… More Info

Dropkixx University of Wrestling

Dropkixx Wrestling Academy is Europe’s number one professional wrestling academy. We focus on training wrestlers to the highest degree possible.… More Info

Devon Wrestling Association (DWA)

Devon Wrestling Association…started in 2009 by Joel Redman (ex WWE NXT Superstar Oliver Grey)

4-Front Wrestling (4FW)

4 Front Wrestling is a business based in Swindon, England, established in 2004.

5 Star Wrestling

5 Star Wrestling Championships – The Biggest Tournament In Wrestling History (Starting June 10th 2017, 128 Stars, 30 Weeks, The… More Info

Absolute Wrestling

Absolute Wrestling Pure – Uncompromising – Supreme Wrestling promotion From the United Kingdom, bringing you the best in high action… More Info