Katy Lees – “I felt like I was getting stale with my character”

Katy Lees has taken her character from one end of the spectrum to the other. Formerly ‘Queen of the Chavs’ to a Lady accompanied by a butler called Savoy.

Katy has seen success with Southside, NGW and has been working more and more in Europe. We spoke to Katy about her desire to do more travelling with the job, recovery from a car accident that left her with back pain and how she has developed the Chardonnay character. You can listen to the full interview below:

On character development:

So really I just wanted to try the opposite of what I was doing. I probably should go for something in the middle and just be myself, but I wanted to try something different to what I was already doing. I felt like I was getting stale with my character, being a chav. A few of my friends had an idea to add in a butler and I have tried out for the last few shows. I’ve really enjoyed it.

I think especially when I have had Savoy [The Butler] with me, like at Southside and Kamikaze; he has got so much heat for me. It has really worked well with the two of us combined together. It has been really good.

On UK Women’s wrestling:

The last show that I was on that was female dominated was Southside and you know it isn’t how you typically imagine girls backstage. Everyone is really nice to each other and supports each other. It’s the same atmosphere as any show, I actually wrestled Martina in that show and it was really really fun. I’ve come from dancing and that was quite bitchy. There probably are girls who do experience that and don’t get on, but I don’t feel that atmosphere is happening back stage.

I’m not someone who would go out there and do all I can, I will always want to play around with my character and enjoy it.

On wanting work overseas:

I want to do more work overseas, definitely. Every time I go in to Europe they look after you so well and the atmosphere is always really nice over there. That is my goal for this year, I’ve literally just left my job, and I am going to try and get out there as much as I can. Even if it means going over to America for a few months to tell promoters I am here and to use me. Even thought the British scene is amazing at the moment, that is what I want to do.

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