Josh Mathews on Impact “It’s an exciting and thrilling time right now”

Josh Mathews has enjoyed a 14-year career in wrestling for both WWE and Impact Wrestling, which has seem him play several roles. For Slamm 15 he will putting the microphone aside to jump back in the ring.

We spoke to Josh about the hype around Slammiversary 15, the rise of Impact and how he still hears Vince McMahon’s voice in his head to this day. You can listen to the full interview below:

On Slamm15:

I can’t wait, I have never been this excited for a Pay-per-view event in my 14-year career in wrestling and wait. If you take my match off the table, I am most looking forward to the main event; [Bobby] Lashley vs Alberto El Patron.

You have two guys in the prime of their careers, two guys from different cultures, two guys who have done it all in the world of wrestling. Now they are going to get an opportunity to compete in a unification match for the Impact World Championship and the GFW Global Championship. I think in a few years from now you will look back on that match as the stating of the foundation for what Impact will be in the future.

On the Future of Impact:

I think you can expect to see a lot more from Impact. This is nothing against the people who were in charge before this new regime took over, but we sort of laid dormant and didn’t really attempt to get out there and do different things. For someone like myself, who is always trying to find different angles and marketing angles.

This all started with an interview I did with one of our marketing properties, and I said that I was the greatest announcer of all times, but in that same interview I said I want to see Impact have video games, action figures and play bigger venues. Now these things are starting to happen, you can see the wheels are in motion. We have live events coming to the States in August; there are partnerships with Future Legend Apparel. There are all sorts of things happening, it’s an exciting time and it’s a thrilling time right now. The business is in a great position right now and I think Impact is in a great place, we have to just keep moving.

On the people that have affected his career:

There are quite a few people who helped me on the way. When I first started I was in the car with Michael Cole and Taz and learned a tremendous amount from them. I also learnt from Jim Ross and Paul Heyman had a tremendous influence on my career. When Paul Heyman was the lead writer for Smack Down, and Smack Down was produced on Tuesday, postproduction was done on a Wednesday, and the show was put out on Thursday, Paul would be there for the edit of the show. We would be there; Michael Cole, Paul [Heyman], Taz and myself would be in the studio until 5 o’clock in the morning and changing the call of the show. Those guys would be in the booth, and learning from Paul [Heyman] how to do this from a commentary standpoint.

When you sit down and do the main shows you’re working directly for the man who owns the company [Vince McMahon] and he’s listening to every word you say. He also had a tremendous effect on my career and still continues to to this day. I can hear him in my head when I call things, “Don’t scream at me” and “Don’t over sell this” I can hear it. That has molded me in to the play-by-play announcer I am today.