Jack Sexsmith Interview: “I have a fire in my belly to represent these people”

PROGRESS have been subtly nurturing a very exciting talent in Jack Sexsmith. He has shown tremendous in-ring and character growth in a small amount of time and was rewarded with a spot in last month’s Super Strong Style 16. Needless to say, he did not disappoint.

Jack has also become an inspiration for many LGBT+ wrestling fans as he is openly pansexual. We spoke to Jack about his relationship with the fans, how the LGBT+ community is represented in world of wrestling, and the whirlwind six months he has gone through. You can listen to the full interview below:

On PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16:

It was the firs time I’ve been in it, I have been a bit of a rook for many years, but I am trying hard and working my way up the ranks and earned my way in to that tournament. As an experience it was pretty phenomenal I must say. To be back stage with some of the top talent in the world was humbling, and then to come out of the tournament and I think I belong there a bit. I’m not a million miles away from the top players in the game. Getting good reactions and responses and putting my pansexual LGBT+ statement out on a stage like SSS16 was truly special experience.

On the reaction from LGBT+ Community: 

I went through my narrative with The South Pacific Power Trip and that was awesome to step up my game and not rely on my laurels, and it not just about being a pro-wrestler anymore. I think it was more about telling a story, having a political impulse behind it and channeling in to something as a talent. From that narrative I did my [PROGRESS] Face-to-Face interview and through that I wanted to make a point of saying – you know what, this is me and maybe I was insecure about myself as a person or wrestler. I was relying on my underhand tactics and capitalising on my opposition’s insecurities in order to be a threat. Now, whilst I still may be morally ambiguous in places, I’ve got a bit more about me, and I have a fire in my belly to represent these people.

It’s truly humbling [fan response]. I love wrestling, I love to wrestle, but the greatest thing I have got from being a wrestler has been getting these messages and tweets. They have been saying “Thank you for being you” and “Thank you for doing what you do.” Sometimes I just feel like a twat in a wrestling ring you know, what sort of difference can I make? But people are saying – you’re confident in yourself and you make me want to be more confident in who I am. It breaks me down inside. That’s truly next level shit.

On his future:

With regards to plans I just want to work more and more, and keep getting better. I still go down the Projo as often as possible, I attend as many seminars as often as possible. It may make me sound more of a rook but I think I’ve got the hunger for it and I speak with guys who have been on the circuit for yonks and yonks. I just want to know more. I don’t know mate, January I was in the Thunderbastard and that was mad, and now I have just finished SSS16, and I wouldn’t have called any of that at the start of the year. Lets have a title, go on give us a title – promoters if you’re listening give me a strap lad.

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