Exclusive Interview: New IPW:UK owner Billy Wood – “We can turn IPW into a very profitable wrestling company”

Having newly acquired the British wrestling giant, IPW:UK, owner of Fight Nation Wrestling Billy Wood spoke exclusively with us about his recent purchase. Whilst sensibly coy about the financial intricacies of the deal, his intentions of an exciting merge of talent and knowledge come the end of 2017.

You can listen to the full interview below:

On the purchase of IPW:

I wouldn’t say it was a sudden thing because I don’t take any business decisions suddenly. I’ve known Dan (Edler) and shared international talent with Dan for a number of years now. We would have a regular dialogue – we share similar talent and we share similar crew so there’s always a crossover. It kind of came really from a random conversation with Dan that kind of led that way. Not something I completely planned – I have to admit. But, when I started digging into it a little bit deeper, it intrigued me. The reason I purchased IPW was the history of the brand. This September it’s 13 years strong. It’s got a lot of deep history within British wrestling.

I’ve spent the last couple of years building Fight Nation from nothing and it was a long way to get that brand to where we wanted it to be. We put a lot of fundamentals in place for Fight Nation – the way we present things, the talent we book – we look for that real hybrid of a show that can attract “smarter” fans but also is engaging to families of all ages. And with that happening, and this IPW thing happening it was kind of like, “look let’s look at both the brands” – what are the brands, what are the similarities of the brands, where is the crossover, how can Fight Nation benefit from IPW and how can IPW benefit from Fight Nation.

On the Price:

I’m not going to say it’s worth more than I paid, or anything less. I think the price was fair from both sides. For the hard work that’s gone into the promotions, it would have been insulting to low-ball. Based on our business plan that we’re going to roll out for the next 18 months, I feel very strongly that we can not only make the money back but turn IPW into a very profitable wrestling company. It has great reach online, with the FloSlam deal, we have the on-demand service which is doing very well.

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