Comedian and Commentator Billy Kirkwood Reveals Which Wrestler Is the Funniest

We spoke to the incredibly funny, witty and charming Billy Kirkwood about wrestling and comedy. ICW is a fantastic promotion which is pushing boundaries all over the UK, and one of it’s ‘not so secret’ weapons is Billy “Fucking” Kirkwood.

It doesn’t matter if he’s commentating, getting the crowd going before a show, or even the preamble to our meeting, he is consistently hilarious.

We were lucky enough to grab some time with Billy in-between his morning radio slot and going on stage to perform stand up. He opened up about which wrestlers have the skill to make us laugh, the continued growth of ICW and the parallels between wrestling and stand up. You can listen to the full interview above.


Things are going really, really well, there are always ups and downs in any profession but ICW is doing really well. Obviously Flightclub is doing really well on-demand and the other places it can be seen. We seem to be stretching further and further out into the wrestling universe, you know the stuff back and forth with WWE. We’ve got some WWE stars that are working with us now that are active WWE stars, which is very cool. We are going to be the first company outside of WWE where there will be a defense of the championship that Pete Dunne currently has, we are so excited about that. We are on the road to the Hydro, we’ve the big Shugs weekender coming up, and we have some really massive shows as well as that. People here at ICW are working unbelievably hard, everyone is just so passionate on this scene. It’s indicative of the entire country, everyone is working so hard in the UK to make the UK a hotbed of professional wrestling, and we like to consider ourselves to be right up the top for that.

On Wrestling and comedy parallels:

I’ve seen a little bit of RVD’s stand-up and obviously I have worked with Colt Cabana, I was privileged to work with a bunch of others. I mean William Regal is absolutely bloody hilarious, I’ve gone on tour with him and I’ve gone on tour with Mick Foley as well, which was amazing. Mick’s was a mix of stand-up and story telling, but it was really good. William Regal in particular was really good, he is a fan of old school variety, he knows how to work an audience and then weave his stories in to it. He has those skills already that they teach you as a wrestler, but then you get him performing in front of all these audiences.

From day one I have tried to perform in front of every conceivable audience you can think of, and that’s what happens with wrestlers. There are a couple of them, and I won’t name names, that do it better than others. I got to perform with Roddy Piper across the UK and I know there were only a couple of people who got to see his ‘Night With Roddy Piper’. He was really good, man, and the show got to a really good place, it’s such a shame that Roddy got taken from us before more people got to see that show.

Wrestling is a real life action movie, but with no stunt men, these guys are able to evoke that emotion with their bodies, then they bring all the other elements. I have such respect for what wrestlers do in the ring. I always use the Ricky Morton example, if you’ve ever seen him live, he is amazing, simply because he does this thing; when he is getting beat up he will reach out to a woman in the second row and say “HELP ME. HELP ME”. That woman has a reaction, the person next to her has a reaction, and before you know it the whole place is on board.

On which wrestler he would choose to open for him: 

Nobody I don’t need no jobber opening for me, I’m Billy “Fucking” Kirkwood… No but seriously there are so many wrestlers that I know personally that are very funny. Here in Scotland particularly, I know Chris Renfrew, who you might not think it, is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever known. Guys like [Mark] Dallas as well, Mark Coffee, god there are so many. So without pissing off any of my British wrestling friends we are going outside of Scotland, I think Enzo Amore in WWE is really funny, quick-witted and has great energy. He’d get all the energy up and it would be great fun. If not, because I simply think he would hate it in a lot ways, would be William Regal. Out of all of the shows I’ve seen of wrestlers doing spoken word or stand up, he is still the funniest. I hope he never hears this; he will never let me live it down.