Botchamania’s Maffew Interview -“Kayfabe is dead, but it really doesn’t matter”

Internet sensation Maffew from the highly addictive website Botchamania believes that kayfabe is dead, but it really doesn’t matter “It’s evident by the sheer number of people that still watch it and are happy to swallow the kayfabe pill for a few hours. I don’t think it matters. Maybe people knowing it wasn’t “real-real” was a bad thing a few decades ago but now people are more concerned if the wrestling is good or not”.

Botchamania has been a staple form of entertainment for wrestling fans over the last decade. It has become so popular that fans chant it all over the world in both the indie and elite circuits when a mistake is made. Asked why it has become so successful, Maffew believes he has inadvertently stumbled across a winning formula “I’m still figuring out why it is so popular. I think it’s a mixture of the music, silly humor and Simpsons references. I started out making videos to amuse myself and it turns out there’s a lot of people just as twisted as me”.

Wrestlers have largely seen Botchamania as being good humored and now firmly a part of the business. However, there have been some notable exceptions. Former CZW Television Champion Joe Gacy used social media to air his grievances to Maffew directly “He decided to take to Twitter to message me about his dislike of the series and how annoyed he was at other wrestlers fawning over me. I’m biased but I don’t think it went well for him. He’d tweet things like ‘How do you know what a botch is?’ and I’d reply with ‘By watching your matches.'”

We were keen to discover what got Maffew into wrestling in the first place, and like many of his generation, it was Bobby Heenan that gave him his earliest memory. “Kamala versus The Undertaker at Summerslam 1992. Match was ”eh” but I was mesmerized by Bobby Heenan’s declaration that Kamala was going to put The Undertaker in a pot and eat him. For years I cared more about that match than Bret [Hart] vs. Davey Boy”. However, he reserved special praise for his favorite all time wrestler “Mick Foley was as cool as I hoped he would be. My favorite wrestler of all-time discussed sandwiches with me”.

With the rise of wrestling in the UK in recent years, Maffew had some top picks to look out for “Blimey, there’s loads to consider. Travis Banks, Jimmy Havoc, Matt Riddle, Jeff Cobb, Sebastian, Trent Seven, Chris Renfrew….hell I could list most of the UK and Ireland rosters”.

We also spoke memorabilia and he had a particularly rare garment that he can occasionally be seen wearing “I have a WCW Invasion shirt, with the crappy red logo. People look at me with disgust and they’re right to do so”. He also has an action figure collection that he is still adding to “My favorite’s the later-day WCW action figures I own because WCW’s were way better than WWF’s during the time. I got Hardcore Hak recently and he’s fucking ripped and can swing stuff with his arms when you press the button on his back”.

We fully recommend watching all of the Botchamania videos, if you haven’t already, as they provide hours of entertainment. Maffew is clearly a talented and funny guy who has managed to pull back the curtain on the wrestling industry while remaining good natured and witty. As an example when we asked him to provide a bio, he still couldn’t help being self-referential “The guy who does Botchamania, that thing Dolph Ziggler enjoys name-dropping on TV”.

You can follow Maffew on Twitter @Maffewgregg