Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted Interview – “For a guy like me who came from reality TV, I didn’t really know how people would take me”

Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted is a relatively new talent on the UK scene but is already making waves with promotions like OTT. Having been a competitor on last year’s Love Island, Adam has proved he isn’t just a reality TV star. He worked with Drew Galloway on an exceptional feud with OTT and also had try-outs with WWE in London last month.

We spoke to Adam about working with Drew Galloway, the Love Island experience and stepping in the ring as a WWE trialist. You can listen below:

On WWE try outs: 

They went very well for me. I was a little worried going in as some of the guys were very experienced, some have 10 plus years, but to be honest I think I stood my ground. I think everyone did. I wasn’t standing there thinking – Oh god I’m in trouble here. We had trials in the ring; we had to also do matches and promos. Some people had weaknesses in some areas and others had strengths in different areas. For myself I was very pleased with how I performed and how I came across.  It was a two-day tryout and I think everything went well.

On the camaraderie of UK wrestlers:

For a guy like me who came from reality TV, I didn’t really know how people would take me. I was thinking people might think – who is this guy from TV. I was wrestling before I went on the show, for about a year. But everyone has welcomed me with open arms. It’s a testament to myself because I am a humble guy. Everyone can see I am a humble guy and how important this is to me and how passionate I am. I’m learning from everybody that I am meeting; I’m the first after a match trying to get feedback. A lot of guys go out of their way to give feedback and message me.

On the excitement of working with WWE:

I remember we walked in to the arena and we could see the entrance way and ring, it was pretty intimidating walking down on the first day. Seeing William Regal and Matt Bloom, we had to go shake their hands. Working with people who I aspire to be trained by. To actually be there and have their attention for a whole two days was pretty intimidating and mind-blowing. It was also really motivating; it made me want it even more.

On the Love Island experience:

For me, before I did the TV show, back home in Ireland, I was wrestling 3 days a week and I was getting a match every 2-3 months. There isn’t that much work other than OTT. For me it was frustrating as I wasn’t able to build any momentum. ITV contacted me and wanted me to do Take me Out but I thought there had been so many seasons of that and I didn’t really want to be on TV for one night. I declined it and told them to keep me in mind if anything comes up and the Love Island opportunity came up. I did a few interviews for that and they said that they liked me. I just went on there and was myself; some people don’t do that and have an agenda. For me I went in to speak about being a professional wrestler and wanted to make it to WWE and get my name out there. After the show I got emails and messages from loads of promotions in the UK.

For me it was great because although I didn’t have the experience, the promotions advertised me as The Love Island Guy and I didn’t mind that. For me it was giving me the opportunity to meet new guys and get experience. Now I have been able to move the UK.

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