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Wrestle:List is the place where businesses working in pro wrestling and fans link up. It’s the platform where suppliers showcase their wares to those fanatical folk who simply love the ring and the colourful souls who step within it. Our goal is to be the interface between these wrestle maniacs and suppliers – a place they can meet, transact and enrich one another.

Through our news and the interviews we conduct with wrestlers and the promotions we make available to readers, we have built Wrestle List as the first and finest online one-stop-shop for anything linked to wrestling. We will remain steadfast in our efforts to enhance Wrestle List with the aim of helping fans to find what they want and of aiding businesses to make sure they get it.

Wrestling fans once waited hours, or even days, for their hit of news from the squared circle and beyond the mat. But no more. The team behind wrestlelist.com Irish whips updates from hundreds of outlets into one place because media convergence isn’t the future of news – it’s the now. We deliver wrestling news, stories and interviews to fans and businesses from across the globe. The mission of Wrestle:List is to maintain an organized platform which preserves and promotes the dignified history of professional wrestling.

To support this, we acquire and manage records and products and services related to professional wrestling to advance the legacy of what we believe is the greatest spectacle on earth. In short, the team at Wrestle List believe wrestling is a religion and we aim to be its church!

Charity Partners

1% of all our profit is donated to our charity partner The Cavendish Group in honor of the late British wrestler Kris Travis. Kris gave so much to wrestling so we want to give back. Please donate generously to this charity.

Cavendish Cancer Care

At Cavendish Cancer Care we support local people who are living with cancer. We give them and their families the chance to talk in confidence and offer complementary therapies to support their recovery. We’re a Sheffield charity and since 1991, we’ve been helping people across South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

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